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After 4 years of hard work of investigation on how to adapt the rhythms of Afro-Venezuelan drums with percussive effects of flutes, the moment has come in which Manuel Rojas would like to share with everyone of you, his first promotional, “Afroflautas” (Afro-Flutes); belonging to his second CD entitled Retribución” (Retribution), as a gift which all of his friends and fans will be able to DOWNLOAD FREE HERE of charge this Christmas.

Afroflautas (Fulia)..........Composition and Harmonic Arrangement by Manuel Camero

Prima: C Flute (Percussive)
Cruzao:  C Flute (Percussive)
Pujao:  Bass Flute (Percussive)
Maracas:  Voice

Executive and Musical Production:  Manuel Rojas
Production and direction of the perucussive rhythms with flutes:Yonathan (Morocho) Gavidia
Recording, editing, mixing and mastering: Juan Carlos Almao
Recorded in the “Flor de Venezuela” room (Barquisimeto, Venezuela)
Cover Design:  Arnoldo Porta

All of the harmonic, melodic and percussive sounds in this promotional were produced with flutes and executed by Manuel Rojas.

The Afro-Venezuelan rhythms "culo 'e puya" through percussive effects on the flute in "Retribución (Retribution)"

This is an experimental work, the idea was to try to innovate, and it is a theme that is based on the well-known Afro-Venezuelan rhythm like the tambor redondo or culo e puya; it is a battery of three drums and maracas.  And … well the main idea was to work the drums with percussive sounds and take them to the studio and try to make it as similar or as close as possible to the sound of the drums.

For many years, I have been trying to get new sounds on the flute to find new colors. I can say that this theme is the consolidation of all these years of study and work with the flutes, it is a name that we wanted to put to the song, giving thanks to my God and Lord, rewarding in some way all things He has given to; the talent, life and all the wonderful things that we can live day to day,

It is important to stress that this theme RETRIBUTION was composed by Pedro Jimenez and myself. Pedro Jimenez was one of the persons who led me and motivated me to record this song, I actually  thank him, and a great percussionist friend of mine who gently explained to me the origin of each drum and its sound; my friend Yonder Rodriguez, a percussionist from  Lara State.


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43 Convention of the United States ( NFA )

Posteado por Manuel Rojas el 02-09-2015 10:44:pm

Manuel Rojas was a guest at the 43rd convention of pipers of the United States ( NFA ) in Washington DC . The 12th of agosfo was first presentation as a preamble to the Convention, with a concert at the Kennedy Center, then the 14th at 5pm, a concert with the renowned American Pied Piper Marianne Gedigian and Venezuelan Marco Granados , accompanied by the excellent Venezuelan musicians : Henry Linarez (four) and Gonzalo Teppa , delighting the audience with a Latin American repertoire. the same day 14 at 8pm a concert in the evening gala , this being the loudest applause of the evening concert , a 5-minute ovation by 3000 flutists who attended the concert hall.


2015 Tour of Colombia

Posteado por Manuel Rojas el 02-09-2015 10:09:pm

The flutist Manuel Rojas Larense visithe Colombian land again to bring his talent and knowledge to this neighboring country. As a preamble to this tour will start with Master Classes Flute Transverse new trends in the Venezuelan music for July 15 at the premises of the Directorate of Culture and Fine Arts in the city of San Cristobal Tachira State, participate with a concert at the First Binational Festival at Casa del Duende on July 16 at 7:00 pm in the city of Cucuta, for this participation will be accompanied by the Colombian group "2 D`3" will continue from 18 to July 20 as a guest teacher giving master classes and group workshops in the 4th Meeting of Pipers, university youth category in the city of Bucaramanga. Continuing his way through the neighboring country, on July 21 will delight the Colombian public with an excellent concert repertoire Colombo - Venezuelan, accompanied by the Colombian group "200 Cilantro" in the auditorium of San José de Guanentá College in the city of San Gil, and to close this tour will participate as guest conductor at the festival "IV Regional Academy of Flute" in the city of Tocancipá from 24 to 26 July, where participants will have the opportunity to also enjoy his virtuosity, executing two Concert, one of classical music and other traditional Latin American music


The Latin Concert (Bogotá-Colombia)

Posteado por Manuel Rojas el 04-10-2014 11:44:pm

Manuel Rojas will be offering a concert at the renowned festival "Latin Concert" in the city of Bogota (Colombia) accompanied by two renowned Colombian musicians such as: Zahira Noguera (Cuatro) and Mario Criales (Bass). In which they will be doing an extensive Latin American repertoire.


3rd Regional Flute ( Colombia )

Posteado por Manuel Rojas el 04-10-2014 11:24:pm

 Manuel Rojas will be from 08 to 12 October in the city of Tocancipá, invited the 3rd Regional flute. Where will be giving workshops and master classes. He will also be giving a recital and a concerto for flute and symphonic band.


Amnesty International

Posteado por Manuel Rojas el 29-05-2014 12:03:am

The important and renowned organization "Amnesty International" has been selected to Manuel Rojas as figure in the field of music of Venezuela, in a campaign where the main theme is: The harmony, peace and tolerance. This campaign will be conducted throughout Venezuela.



Ensamble Gurrufío in Egypt

Posteado por Manuel Rojas el 15-01-2014 01:20:am

The Assembly recognized group Gurrufío Venezuelan music continues to spread in the world. On 11 and 12 December echoed his varied repertoire in the imposing Hall of Cairo Opera Egypt. " The instrumental quartet , composed Cheo Hurtado recognized in the fourth , David Peña on bass , Juan Ernesto Laya " Layita " on maracas and flautist Manuel Rojas, thrilled the eastern country to the best of our music.
It is emphasized that this instrumental quartet , billed as a pioneer in the projection of multiple possibilities and sounds of traditional Venezuelan music root, exhibited in these presentations the range and richness of rhythmic and melodic repertoire collecting the fruits of a broad inquiry aesthetics, collected in a varied program , characterized by arrangements that exploit , explore , reinterpret and universalize the elements of musical genres of the country.
With 14 musical productions , eleven gold records and numerous national and international awards , Venezuelan ensemble has performed in over a hundred countries on five continents. It stands out concert at Carnegie Hall in 1994.
With concerts in Cairo, organized by the Egyptian oil ENPPI , Gurrufío concludes its 2013 concert series .


Tour to Cuba 2013 with the Ensamble Gurrufio

Posteado por Manuel Rojas el 03-10-2013 05:54:pm

Manuel Rojas will tour with the Ensemble Gurrufio the island of Cuba, the gala will be on 09 and 12 October at the renowned Leo Brouwer Festival in the city of Havana, and Manuel will be teaching a Master Class at the Higher Institute of Arts (ISA) In the city of Havana.


Concert in Miami ( Florida )

Posteado por Manuel Rojas el 23-08-2013 05:06:pm

This Friday August 30th at 630pm, Manuel Rojas will be offering a concert entitled "Concerts in 2 Quartets" by the group "A TRIO" in Miami (Florida). It will be a guest the vocal group "4 U". 


Concert in The Museum of Arts (Orlando - Florida)

Posteado por Manuel Rojas el 23-08-2013 04:50:pm

On Thursday August 29 at 7pm, Manuel Rojas will be offering a concert entitled "Sounds and Rhythms of the South" by the Emsable "A TRIO" and Venezuelan singer Juan Carlos Salazar at the beautiful Museum of Arts. In the City of Orlando (Florida), on tour to USA 2013.


Concert and Master Class at The Players School of Music

Posteado por Manuel Rojas el 23-08-2013 04:49:pm

On Tuesday August 27 Manuel Rojas will be offering a concert and Master Class with his group "A Trio" with some of the legends of the low as it is recognized Jeff Berlin Academy in The Players School of Music in the city of Tampa (Florida) at 14:00 Pm, this being the first show of the tour to Use 2013.


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